Model Portfolio – What Is It and Do You Really Need One to Be a Model?

Put simply, a portfolio is a collection of your modeling pictures. If you are an aspiring model, or an established one, a good portfolio is what separates you from the countless other models who are vying for the same jobs at the same agencies. Making a good portfolio is the fist step to becoming Jane Rubin a model. A modeling portfolio should contain not just your best photographs, it should also avoid the bad ones – because your portfolio is only as good as the worst picture in it. Here we talk about how to put together a good modeling portfolio, and how to make the best first impression.

Making a Modeling Portfolio

A modeling portfolio should contain at least two head shots. One of the shots should be a smiling head shot, and another one serious. An action shot is not necessary, but if you have a good one, you can include it too. From head to feet and fingertips to fingertips, there should be at least one full length shot that shows the proportion of your body.

Number of Pictures in a Modeling Portfolio

For a beginner model, a modeling portfolio should contain about 5-12 pictures. Do not go beyond 20 pictures, and that too these 20 should be all perfect shots. Quality over quantity is the hallmark of a good portfolio. You want to create a good impression, not to show off that you have done a lot of photo shoots. Usually, the five pictures that can cover are the five basic poses: one headshot with smile, one headshot without smile, one profile head shot, one full body shot, and one full body in swimwear. These 5 pictures will satisfy the requirements of most of the modeling agencies.